The clothes you will find on Superdry feature a British styling, Japanese graphics and a vintage-Americana look. They are inspired by the Japanese design of using meaningless or incorrect grammar text on the clothing. Superdry uses machine-translated Japanese text and all their clothes feature a Superdry logo which has a Japanese text which translated to “extremely dry (do it).” As such, Superdry’s brand and style is unique and appealing to Jack Wills and River Island customers.

James Holder and Julian Dunkerton have their clothing lines with Superdry and their design styles are visible. Julian’s tailored designs feature a vintage-Americana look with washes while James’ feature text designs and typography that is bases on casual skatewear he designed previously for brand Bench.

In the men’s wear category, you will notice the casual skatewear design and text graphics by James Holder on athletic wear starting from parkas, down jackets, hoodies, athletic shorts, t-shirts and joggers. Then, there are the tailored pieces including trench coats, pea coats and bridge coats designed by Julian Dunkerton. Cargo pants, chinos, knitwear, shoes and other accessories are also clearly defined depending on their styles.

The Superdry women’s wear however is not distinctly defined. Most of the casual wear features a tailored look with the leather jackets having text graphics included. The sweaters are more casual, tailored and also feature text graphics. Although there are some casual skirts and dresses with text graphics, most of them feature Julian’s style. Blouses tend to be more casual although you will find plenty with a tailored classic look. Women’s jeans are greatly influenced by both designers; however sneakers and pants are more casual. Knitwear and swimwear are tailored and more classic with the bags featuring James’ casual styling. Superdry’s women boots feature a combination of both designers’ styles.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a casual style or a classier tailored one, Superdry’s collection will have you covered. You can as well buy a little of both so that you can dress up with any style at any given moment depending on your mood.

Although Superdry is a British company, customers living in the US don’t have to worry about taxes or import duty as those are already paid. Moreover, you can return merchandise in 28 days in its original conditional for a refund; US customers have to pay the shipping fee for their returns.

Superdry also offers gift cards. However, these can only be purchased and used within the UK at UK stores or the UK website and for deliveries within the UK.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Superdry

1. Established in 1985 in Cheltenham, England by Ian Hibbs and Julian Dunkerton, Superdry was originally known as Cult Clothing.

2. Although Superdry never advertises, they were able to sell 70,000 Brad leather jackets as a result of David Beckham buying one.

3. Their logo has Japanese text which translates to “extremely dry (do it).”

4. The Superdry designs are a combination of Julian’s “Cult clothing” vintage-Americana tailored look and washes with James Holder’s typography.

5. Among the other Superdry celebrity customers are Kate Winslet, Derek Hough, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben stiller.