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How to shop at

As stated before, shopping with the marketplace is very easy.After you have selected items, you want to buy, visit the virtual shopping basket, and check through your order to ensure that items in the basket are exactly what you want. After that, move to the online checkout. If you are a returning customer, you have to login to your account and if you are using it for the first time, then you need to register with them first.

After you have filled the order page, you have to input the correct address on the delivery page. The address should be correct, because this is where the items will be shipped.Before you finish, review the details once more, and if you are convinced that everything is all right then you have to select your delivery option before clicking continue.

Then you have to proceed to the payment page where you select your payment method. You can choose PayPal, or your card as your preferred payment method, and provide the required information.If everything is okay, click Pay Now at the bottom and confirm the order, you have just made using your discounts if you have any.


The site is an internet marketplace where you can buy different kinds of beautiful gift items made by thousands of creative businesses. The marketplace has been in existence since 2006. Two people Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish established it in April 2006. They have passion for gorgeous items, which are not only adorable but also affordable. These smaller gift items will be needed by the global market hence they decided to market available to the world. Unlike other marketplaces, does not have any warehouse; rather each seller has an online storefront where these items are purchased.