6 Reasons Why Y2K Fashion Will Take Over the World in 2017


The last five years has seen the 1990s rise once again to leave a rejuvenated mark on popular culture, and nowhere is the revival more evident than in the world of fashion. Crop tops, chokers, crushed velvet, jelly shoes and plaid skirts are more popular than ever right now, but if the blogosphere is to be believed, the 90s trend could soon make way for the next wave of nostalgia-based fashion: the Y2K aesthetic.

For a few short years in the late 90s and early 2000s, our favorite bands, movies and designers were all taken over with the Y2K bug. A new vision of the future had arrived, and it was shiny, synthetic and totally technological – think pleather, Oakleys, and shimmery lipgloss. The movement was quickly forgotten as the world moved beyond the landmark of the year 2000, but as the trend reaches its 20th anniversary, fashion-conscious bloggers are beginning to catch Y2K fever once again.

Here are six reasons you should be expecting to see a lot more silver clothing and metallic eye-shadow in the near future.

1. Y2K tunes are becoming big hits again. More and more millennial bands and artists like TLC, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah and Britney Spears are all beginning to be recognized as bonafide classics, and their iconic looks are only becoming more famous and recognizable as time goes on. Just check out the music videos for No Scrubs or More Than a Woman – such a tight, sleek vibe is bound for an encore.

2. Influential 90s kids are getting younger. The fluffy, fun, jazz-cup style of the early 90s that is currently popular with teen fashionistas will surely lose out in the millennial nostalgia wars to the late 90s and early 2000s as time progresses – after all, all trends die at some point, and the sharp Y2K style is a total killer (just check out Britney in the Toxic video).

3. It’s a natural successor to vaporwave. Just as the late 1980s-inspired vaporwave style is declared over, a new technology-inspired heir arises. Expect metallics and ringtones to replace pastels and fuzzy remixes as the cool new trend.

4. We’re not done with the 90s. While early and mid-90s fashion like crop-tops and chokers will live on, expect more experimental materials, shapes and sizes to appear as the revival dies down over the next few years and evolves into a huge Y2K-inspired revival trend.

5. It’s all over the Internet right now. Tumblr has seen the launch of multiple pages dedicated solely to collecting and sharing images of original and Y2K-inspired fashion, while Etsy is becoming the place to find vintage late 90s and early 2000s clothing.

6. The noughties is due its 20-year revival. Every twenty years comes a revival from two decades past – jump on the Y2K bandwagon now for a headstart! Forward-thinking singers like Charli XCX and Hannah Diamond are already leading the way to a full-on millennium-inspired fashion craze, and it’s only a matter of time before the trend takes over the world once again.

Excited for the next big movement in fashion? Then get ready to dig out your holographics and metallics, as the Y2K aesthetic will be making a pretty big comeback in 2017.